Miss Witherspoon

About the Play
Written By: Christopher Durang
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About the Production
Run Dates: 4/28/2006 - 5/28/2006
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Directed By: M. Burke Walker
Cast: Anne Allgood - Veronica
Christine Calfas - Marryama
Demene E. Hall - Teacher; Woman in Hat
Terry Edward Morse - Fathers 1 and 2; Man in the Playground; Dog Owner; Wise Man
Mari Nelson - Mothers 1 and 2
Behind the Scenes: Kurt Beattie - Artistic Director
Lynne Ellis - Assistant Lighting Designer
Lori Amondson Flint - Assistant Stage Manager
Bill Forrester - Scenic Designer
Frances Kenny - Costume Designer
Rick Paulsen - Lighting Designer
Jim Ragland - Sound Designer
Susan Trapnell - Managing Director
JR Welden - Stage Manager