The Caucasian Chalk Circle

About the Play
Written By: Bertolt Brecht
Eric Bentley - Translator
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About the Production
Run Dates: 8/4/1970 - 8/15/1970
Program: Program (.pdf)
Venue: Queen Anne
Directed By: Gregory A. Falls
Cast: John Abajian - Ironshirt Corporal
Jackie Benster - Ludovica; Nurse; Wedding Guest
Pat Campbell - Old Married Couple; Invalid; Architect; Wedding Guest
Michael Chambers - Shuawa, a Policeman; Peasant Man; Wedding Guest; Petitioner
Michael Christensen - First Lawyer; Blackmailer; Old Peasant with Milk; Wedding Guest; Petitioner
Ann Driscoll - Natella, the Governor's Wife
Patrick G. (Pat) Duffy - Irakli, a Bandit; Drunken Monk; Second Doctor; Wedding Guest
Cyprienne Gabel - Peasant Woman; Cook; Wedding Guest
John Gilbert - Azdak
Stuart Gillard - Farmer; Lavrenti Vashnadze, Grusha's Brother
Michael Griswold - Doctor; Merchant; First Doctor; Wedding Guest
Wayne Hudgins - Stableman; Shalva, an Adjutant; Wedding Guest
Edward L. Jones - Arsen Kazbeki, a Fat Prince
Janet Kapral - Grusha Vashnadze, a Kitchen Maid
Jean Marie Kinney - Mother-in-law; Wedding Guest
Barbara Kyle - Aniko, Wife of Lavrenti; Servant Maid; Wedding Guest
Janice McElroy - Musician; Maro; Merchant Woman
Elizabeth Melcher - Old Woman; Servant Maid; Wedding Guest
Cathy Monk - Michael, Governor's Child
Darrell Neumeyer - Farmer; Muscian; Servant to Lavrenti; Groom; Messenger
Gun-Marie Nilsson - Old Married Couple; Servant Maid; Wedding Guest; Petitioner
Gary Reineke - Storyteller
Mark G. Sheppard - Farmer; Limping Man; Architect; Merchant
Marc Singer - Simon Sashava, a Soldier
Gary Thomsen - Ironshirt; Architect; Wedding Guest
Deems Urquhart - Ironshirt Private
David Vaughn - Innkeeper; Grand Duke; Old Beggar; Georgi Abashwili, the Governor
Tim Wolfe - Second Lawyer; Nephew of Fat Prince; Jussup; Petitioner
Behind the Scenes: Stan Keen - Music
David Vaughn - Dance Arrangement