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R. Hamilton Wright
R. Hamilton Wright has appeared in the following ACT productions:

1980 Buried Child
As: Vince
1985 Maydays
As: Phil Mandrell
1985 Other Places
As: Driver
1985 End of the World
As: Michael Trent
1986 On the Razzle
As: Melchior
1986 The Jail Diary of Albie Sachs
As: Albie Sachs
1987 The Diary of a Scoundrel
As: Ivan Ivanyvich Gorodulin
1988 A Chorus of Disapproval
As: Guy Jones
1989 Red Noses
As: Father Flote
1991 Our Country's Good
As: 2nd Lieutenant Ralph Clark
1992 The Revengers' Comedies (Parts I and II)
As: Henry Bell
1993 Dreams From a Summer House
As: Sinclair
1994 Man of the Moment
As: Kenny Collins
1995 Handing Down the Names
As: Company
1996 Laughter on the 23rd Floor
As: Kenny
1998 Quills
As: Monsieur Prouix; A Lunatic
1999 The Crucible
As: Thomas Putnam
2000 The Odd Couple
As: Felix Unger
2002 Fuddy Meers
As: The Limping Man
2003 Absurd Person Singular
As: Geoffrey Jackson
2004 Alki
As: Peer Gynt
2004 Enchanted April
As: Antony Wilding
2004 Jumpers
As: Archie
2005 Bach at Leipzig
As: Georg Friedrich Kaufman
2005 Born Yesterday
As: Ed Devery
2006 The Pillowman
As: Ariel
2007 Stuff Happens
As: George W. Bush
2008 Intimate Exchanges
As: Lionel, Toby, Miles
2008 Becky's New Car
As: Steve
2009 Below the Belt
As: Dobbitt
2010 Yankee Tavern
As: Palmer
2011 The Prisoner of Second Avenue
As: Mel Edison
2011 Mary Stewart
As: Robert Dudley
2012 The Pitmen Painters
As: Harry Wilson
2012 One Slight Hitch
As: Doc Coleman
2013 Middletown
As: Public Speaker; Male Doctor; Freelancer; Ground Control
2014 Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike
As: Vanya
2016 Daisy
As: Bill Bernbach
2016 The Royale
As: Max
2018 Oslo
As: Yair Hirschfeld; Shimon Peres
2023 History of Theatre: About, By, For, and Near

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