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Michael Winters
Michael Winters has appeared in the following ACT productions:

1988 God's Country
As: Chappel; Farmer; Pastor Three; Mister Smith; Thomas Martinez; Bruce Pierce
1988 Principia Scriptoriae
As: Hans Einhorn
1989 Red Noses
As: Monselet; Bigod
1989 Happenstance
As: Cross; Giorgio; Jackson; Harrison
1989 Woman in Mind
As: Bill, doctor
1990 Hapgood
As: Paul Blair
1991 Our Country's Good
As: Captain Jemmy Campbell; Midshipman Harry Brewer; John Arscott
1991 Halcyon Days
As: Raper
1992 Shadowlands
As: C.S. Lewis
1993 Lonely Planet
As: Jody
1993 Life During Wartime
As: John Calvin; Fielding; Lt Waters; Devries
1994 Gray's Anatomy
As: Phineas Wingfield
1994 Man of the Moment
As: Douglas Beechey
1995 Handing Down the Names
As: Company
1996 Laughter on the 23rd Floor
As: Val
2000 Talley's Folly
As: Matt Friedman
2002 Dirty Blonde
As: Charlie; Harry; Sime Silverman; Jim Timony; Lt. Gregg; Judge; Duchess; Kid Moreno; W.C. Fields; Muscle Man
2003 Absurd Person Singular
As: Ronald Brewster-Wright
2004 Alki
As: King of the Haints; Ensemble
2004 Enchanted April
As: Frederick Arnott
2007 Stuff Happens
As: Dick Cheney
2008 Becky's New Car
As: Walter Flood

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