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David Pichette
David Pichette has appeared in the following ACT productions:

1982 The Greeks: The Gods (Part 1)
As: Odysseus; Guard; Soldier
1982 The Greeks: The War (Part 2)
As: Pylades
1984 Amadeus
As: The Venticelli
1985 Maydays
As: Martin Glass
1986 On the Razzle
As: Waiter 2
1987 The Diary of a Scoundrel
As: Golutvin
1987 Glengarry Glen Ross
As: John Williamson
1989 Red Noses
As: Vasque; Gréz
1991 The Illusion
As: The Amaneunsis, servant to Alcandre
1992 The Revengers' Comedies (Parts I and II)
As: Percy Cutting; Graham Seeds
1992 Sunsets and Glories
As: King Charles II
1996 Laughter on the 23rd Floor
As: Milt
1996 Cheap
As: Angie
1998 Quills
As: Abbe de Coulmier
1999 Side Man
As: Ziggy
1999 Communicating Doors
As: Harold
2001 Grand Magic
As: Police Inspector; Gregorio Di Spelta
2004 Alki
As: Mysterious Stranger; Ensemble
2004 Enchanted April
As: Mellersh Wilton
2004 Jumpers
As: George Moore
2005 Bach at Leipzig
As: Georg Balthasar Schott
2005 Born Yesterday
As: Senator Hedges; Assistant Hotel Manager
2006 The Underpants
As: Benjamin Cohen
2007 Stuff Happens
As: Dominque de Villepin; Jeremy Paxman; Ensemble
2009 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
As: Mr. Gabriel Utterson, Mr. Edward Hyde

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