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Clayton Corzatte
Clayton Corzatte has appeared in the following ACT productions:

1973 A Conflict of Interest
As: Chief Justice Harry Griffin
1973 A Day in the Death of Joe Egg
As: Bri
1974 The Chairs/The Bald Soprano
As: Old Man
1975 Of Mice and Men
As: George
1977 As You Like It
As: Touchstone
1977 Travesties
As: Henry Carr
1979 Fanshen
As: Shen Ching-ho; Kuo Te-yu; Ch'ou-har; Hou
1979 Otherwise Engaged
As: Stephen Hench
1979 The Fantasticks
As: Bellamy
1980 Artichoke
As: Gibson McFarland
1984 Angels Fall
As: Niles Harris
1985 Other Places
As: Dispatcher; Hornby
1985 End of the World
As: Stanley Berent
1985 Quartermaine's Terms
As: St. John Quartermaine
1992 Sunsets and Glories
As: Cardinal Malabranca
1999 The Crucible
As: Giles Corey
2001 Grand Magic
As: Gervasio Penna; Gennario Fucecchio
2002 Mourning Becomes Electra
As: Seth Beckwith
2005 The Night of the Iguana
As: Jonathan Coffin (Nonno)

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