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Suzanne Bouchard
Suzanne Bouchard has appeared in the following ACT productions:

1987 A Lie of the Mind
As: Beth
1992 The Revengers' Comedies (Parts I and II)
As: Karen Knightly
1993 Dreams From a Summer House
As: Armanda
1994 Man of the Moment
As: Jill Rillington
1996 Arcadia
As: Lady Croom
1999 Stonewall Jackson's House
As: Mag
2004 Alki
As: Woman in Green; Ensemble
2004 Enchanted April
As: Rose Arnott
2004 Fiction
As: Linda Waterman
2005 The Night of the Iguana
As: Hanna Jelkes
2007 The Clean House
As: Lane
2007 The Women
As: Mary Haines
2008 Becky's New Car
As: Ginger
2011 Mary Stewart
As: Elizabeth Tudor
2014 Bethany
As: Patricia
2016 Stupid Fucking Bird
As: Emma
2019 The Year of Magical Thinking
As: Joan Didion

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